The Trump-Gohmert tax cuts have exploded the federal deficit while doing almost nothing to grow the economy, and putting the biggest tax breaks in the hands of the wealthiest Americans and billion-dollar corporations while leaving the middle class with only a few extra dollars in their paycheck, but a bigger tax bill and smaller refund when tax day comes. We must restructure our tax code to shift the tax burden away from middle class families, and make sure corporations and the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share without loopholes that create tax benefits for things like buying private aircraft.


We have forgotten that the core of fiscal responsibility is not just how much you spend, but on what you spend. Building the workforce that will keep the US economy growing requires we invest in our schools, in our roads, and other infrastructure. We must be able to build what the world needs and get it to them, and we can’t do that with constant underfunding of the infrastructure that keeps American commerce flowing.

Trade and Tariffs

The Trump Tariffs are killing American jobs and stifling the ability of small businesses to grow and prosper right here in East Texas as the cost of everything from raw materials to technology increases. Louie Gohmert supports these tariffs. We must develop American trade policy that protects the intellectual property rights of American companies without raising the prices of goods that small businesses need to grow and prosper.

American Jobs

Under Louie Gohmert’s watch, East Texas manufacturing jobs have been exported to Mexico and other countries at an alarming rate. We must take steps to bring manufacturing jobs back to East Texas, including creating federal tax incentives for American corporations to actually make their products in the United States. To ensure we have a workforce qualified to assume those manufacturing jobs, we must increase federal funding to junior colleges and public schools for vocational education to prepare a qualified manufacturing workforce to build American made products here in East Texas.

Health Insurance

As tens of millions of Americans discover annually, even having insurance is no longer enough to guarantee access to health care. That is unacceptable in the United States. We must reduce worthless co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles since they have been proven over time to be ineffective at creating ‘smart health care consumers’ and are really all about making sure consumers don’t use their insurance. Private health insurance companies have failed to control costs and provide real coverage. It’s essential government open a competitor to them, funded by those who opt in through premium payments, and force them to adapt and compete. It will also help every single worker in this country because they will no longer have to fear losing coverage when they change their jobs. Improving health insurance coverage will help every single East Texan and reduce the number of times we have to drop money in a plastic jug at a gas station to help someone who is sick or injured.


There are people throughout East Texas who get up and go to work, and pay taxes, every day who aren’t documented. This allows them to be exploited by unscrupulous employers and depresses wages for the lowest and most vulnerable wage earners. We can, with common sense immigration reform and a path to citizenship, put an end to the abuse and bring these folks into the real economy. Immigrants to Texas produce billions more in taxes than they consume in services. The old adage that they are a drain on our economy, is a falsehood. Immigration has always made America better and will continue to with a modicum of reform.


We must take drastic steps to preserve healthcare for rural Americans. Every year, more and more rural hospitals close or eliminate basis services like labor and delivery. This puts every East Texan living in a rural area at risk in the event of a serious health incident. Congress must mandate higher Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates paid by states to rural hospitals. Congress must make available more grant and pass-through funding to help rural hospitals keep their doors open and provide key services to rural populations.

Gun Violence

The federal government must pass legislation to require better and more enhanced background checks for firearms purchases, including ending the gun-show loophole and mandating that private sales are processed the same as a new gun sale. Additionally, Congress must pass legislation allowing states to implement so-called “red flag” laws that will allow people who pose a danger to themselves or others to be temporarily blocked from possessing firearms by state courts. Congress must also pass laws holding gun dealers accountable for improper gun sales when those weapons are used in mass casualty incidents. We must also pass restrictions on high-capacity magazines.

Minimum Wage

Wages have remained stagnant for years, and in many places, even employers who are paying competitive wages above minimum wage aren’t affording working Americans a minimum quality of life for themselves and their families.

Student Debt

Congress must create more federal programs like work study to help young Americans who want to attend college do so without assuming any student loan debt. Further, Congress must come up with solutions for student debt relief, and work to further restrict private student loan companies while expanding the reach and lowering the interest rate of federal student loans. Hank also has a plan to allow some students to eliminate the possibility of assuming student debt altogether, including programs that would pay for the entirety of a student’s vocational education or first two years of college for a bachelor’s degree, and offer no-interest student loans with longer deferred repayment plans. Read more about Hank’s plan to reduce and eliminate student debt here.


We have a problem with climate change, not because it’s going to produce more extreme weather but because it’s going to cause famine. We need to take aggressive action against it, but need to acknowledge basic facts.
1) Renewables alone will not generate enough electricity 2) Nuclear will have to be part of our energy mix 3) Cutting emissions is not enough, we must focus on solutions to mitigate the carbon already in the atmosphere 4) We are going to continue to use oil, there is no way around it for the foreseeable future, and we can focus in on mitigation to reduce the impact of oil usage 5) Moving to a green economy is going to produce employment and wage growth unseen in this country since the middle of the 20th century.


Food Safety and Security Plan As a lifelong rancher, Hank Gilbert understands the unique difficulties facing farmers, ranchers, and the timber industry in Congressional District. When in Congress, Hank will work to make sure that East Texas farmers and ranchers have a voice that represents their needs and values in East Texas. Among the issues Hank will work on in Congress is that of feral hogs. Feral Hogs are an ongoing problem for much of East Texas and it’s critical we take a more proactive approach to population management to reduce the costs to farmers and ranchers across the United States. To that end, Hank proposes making available $50 million in grant money to a research university to develop an agent to sterilize male hogs, similar to the USDA’s Screwworm Eradication Program.