New Kinds of Cryptocurrency that You Should Know

      This blog discusses new types of cryptocurrencies that you need to know to give them a try.

      BAT-Basic Attention TokenOne kind of cryptocurrency is the Basic Attention Token. Over the last three years, as well as in the year 2020, this has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. This Basic Attention Token is also utilized to tip content authors and anyone else on the internet that we find helpful.

      NEM - It is one of the kinds of cryptocurrency. NEM was introduced in the year 2015. It is entirely written in the leading programming languages Java C++, and C. XEM is the sign of NEM. NEM is a unique cryptocurrency that was able to attract a lot of youthful investors.

      NEO - It is a kind of cryptocurrency that was first introduced as Antshares in 2014. Later on, it was renamed NEO. It is actually an Ethereum located in China.

      BNB – Binance coin - Binance coin is one of the kinds of cryptocurrency that was established in 2017. It is a token currency that is based upon an exchange that may be utilized to pay for travel expenses, airline tickets, and even online presents.

      TRON - This new kind of cryptocurrency was launched in the year 2017 by a non-profit organization in Singapore. Justin Sun is the founder and CEO of TRON. TRON purchased BitTorrent a few years ago. 

      EOS -This is a new sort of cryptocurrency. Many people have already begun to explore EOS as a possible Ethereum alternative. It's a cross-platform operating system that is still being worked on.

      Ripple - This new kind of cryptocurrency was first launched in 2012, however it was later standardized and re-issued in 2018. In terms of market capitalization, Ripple is in the third position. Ripple, unlike its rival cryptocurrencies, is not listed on Blockchain.

      Dash coin - This new type of cryptocurrency was founded by Evan Duffield and was first released in 2014. Initially, it was formed from Litecoin.

      Kyber Network - It is one of the kinds of cryptocurrencies. This Kyber network is located in Singapore and KNC is its official emblem. In fact, it is a new sort of cryptocurrency that allows for the transformation and exchange of digital assets.

      Ox - It is one of the new kinds of cryptocurrencies. Ox is a type of innovative trade, that is also known as decentralized trading. It has become increasingly popular recently. However, it is alleged that the Ox platform is unsustainable.

      TTN - Another one that falls in this category is TTN. It is also popular by the name Titan coin. It outlines bills itself as a cryptocurrency legend and a type of digital currency that allows for quick and cross-border businesses.

      ICON - It is also one of the cryptocurrency types that is based in South Korea, which brings together the entire planet. The ICON cryptocurrency was established in 2018 and is abbreviated as ICX. It is considered to be one of the greatest blockchain projects which launched BIP